LK joins Run for Brightness 2018

From: 2018-05-27 To: 2018-05-27


LK joins the "Run for Brightness 2018"


     "Only the wealth of love is a truly meaningful asset. Only companies that actively undertake social responsibility are the most competitive and vital companies."


-- Xi Jinping


     The company exists as a market cell. The vitality of the company truly reflects the market's activity. Under the background of the era of low profit in the market, the competition of enterprises is no longer merely the competition of products and technologies, but the competition of social responsibility, corporate image and brand.


     The fulfillment of social responsibilities will rise to the height of the company's business strategy, and the social responsibility will be integrated into the corporate culture. Only by relying on the soil of this society can such companies thrive.


     On May 27th, at the white stone promenade of the Hong Kong Science Park, “He Xinlianxin ran out of the bright 2018” competition scene. Mr. Liu Zhuoming, the CEO of the Lejin Group, led 10 employees to the stadium.




     The competition was organized by the Hong Kong Blind Sports Federation in order to allow more people to understand and pay attention to the situation of the visually impaired in Hong Kong, so that visually-impaired athletes can also participate in various sports activities and competitions on an equal basis, and take the form of road races to promote public education. . It promotes injury and health, runs across borders, communizes across borders, influences life through life, transmits positive energy, and builds a harmonious society that is equal and inclusive. The LK Group actively responded to the activities, participated in the corporate celebrity group competition, and donated funds as an activity support.


     At a high temperature of 33°C, ten members of the LK teamed up and no one fell behind, successfully completing a three-kilometer race.



     After the competition, the President of the Hong Kong Federation of Blind Sports presented the awards to the company representatives of the sponsoring activities. Mr. Jim Liu , CEO of LK Group, attended the award ceremony and received a letter of appreciation.



Hugging wood, from the end of the micro. Since its founding almost 40 years ago, Lijin has been deeply aware of the importance of social responsibility from the time he started small to the huge scale of today. Since its inception, the Group has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, participating in various charity activities, and giving back to society. Charity, we are in action!