Mr. Jim Liu, CEO of LK Group, attended the 2021 annual meeting of Dongfeng Motor Corporation's Manufacturing Process (Intelligent Manufacturing) Technical Committee

From: 2021-09-23 To: 2021-09-24


The theme of Intelligent manufacturing empowers high-quality development

From September 23rd to 24th, the 2021 annual meeting of the Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Process (Intelligent Manufacturing) Technical Committee with the theme of "Intelligent Manufacturing Empowers High-quality Development" was held in Wuhan.

This event was hosted by the Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Process (Intelligent Manufacturing) Technical Committee, from Dongfeng Motor, Dongfeng Nissan, Dongfeng Honda, Dongfeng Mahler, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile, China FAW, KUKA, Hashida, Sandvik Coromant Technical experts, R&D engineers, senior management personnel from companies such as, Opple Lighting, LK Group, and etc. attended the meeting.

Among the 11 equipment suppliers, LK Group is the only invited company in the field of die-casting equipment, injection molding machines, and CNC machining center to participate in the conference.

During the forum, Mr. Jim Liu, CEO of LK Group, delivered a speech on "Large-scale Automotive Structural Parts Integrated Casting Solution", introducing the current status of car body manufacturing, the trend and development of lightweight technology on aluminum alloy casting structural parts which present how LK can provide the one-stop solution.


LK Keynote Speech | Large-scale Automotive Structural Parts Integrated Casting Solution

Mr. Jim Liu said that the use of aluminum alloy die-casting parts for the body has gradually increased under the trend of lightweight and electric vehicle manufacturing. The aluminum alloy body structure can greatly reduce the overall vehicle weight, reserve more space for the battery, well-balanced of the battery and the body, save energy, and increase the battery mileage.

In China, the integrated die-casting technology solution for large-scale automobile structural parts developed by LK Group is the first to be applied to the manufacture of body structural parts.


By using large intelligent die-casting units such as LK 6000T and 9000T to replace the "stamping" and "welding" production lines in the traditional automobile manufacturing process, the complex body structure is die-casted at one time, which not only improves the rigidity and safety of the body structure, but also processes such as bending, splicing, and welding are reduced, the cost of automobile manufacturing is reduced, and productivity and efficiency are improved.


Build an industrial ecology in multiple fields to achieve sustainable development

Driven by the development trend of modularization and integration of automobile structure, the application of LK's ultra-large intelligent die-casting unit to the integrated manufacturing of large-scale automobile parts has been verified and recognized by the market.


In the future, LK Group will further strengthen cooperation with partners in the automobile manufacturing industry chain, jointly promote the application of more cutting-edge technologies such as light weight, energy saving, environmental protection, and recyclability, and continue to promote the green and sustainable development of global automobile industry.