The 3rd annual meeting of ISO/TC306

From: 2019-10-29 To: 2019-10-31


The general meeting of ISO/TC306 and the staff meeting of WG1, WG3 meeting was held in Tokyo, Japan on Oct 29 to 31. The meeting was attended by industry experts from China, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Denmark and Italy.

Mr. Jim Liu, CEO of LK Group, attended the meeting as the deputy chairman of the Chinese representatives. He hosted the Foundry Machinery Terminology staff meeting and participated in the Die Casting Machine Safety Requirements staff meeting on behalf of the Chinese representatives.


4th staff meeting of ISO/TC306/WG1

The meeting was hosted by Mr. Jim Liu. We finished the discussion on the 2nd  and 3rd part of the Foundry Machinery Terminology. Besides the discussion, we also passed 5 bills for the new work assignment.

6th staff meeting of ISO/TC306/WG3

Mr. Jim Liu participated in the Die Casting Machine Safety Requirements discussion. The meeting is a continuation of the 5th meeting, and the industry experts from around the world reached an agreement after discussing deeply on the die casting machine noise testing and record standard. The WG23063 voting session was skipped and the program went directly into Draft International Standard (DIS) stage. After this, the work on the die casting machine safety requirements done by WG3 is completed.

3rd annual meeting ISO/TC306 (Tokyo Meeting)

Mr. Jim Liu participated in the meeting. During the meeting, 7 agreements were passed, including “Suggestion to pass WG1 meeting”, “Suggestion to pass WG3 meeting” and “Approval for the name and the scope of WG3 amendment 23063”.


Mr. Jim Liu followed strictly on the ISO standards during WG1 and WG3 staff meetings, discussed with experts from other countries on the opinions and discrepancies on the terms, and reconciled between the different development stages from different countries.