Factory Open Day - LK Group 40th Anniversary Celebration in ShangHai

From: 2019-10-30 To: 2019-10-30


In 2019, LK Group 40th Anniversary Celebration as well as our subsidiary company Shanghai Atech Machinery 24th Anniversary.

Recently, LK Group establishes the factory open day event in Shanghai. The 2019 China Die Casting Innovation and Development Forum and the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Shanghai Die Casting Technology Association were held concurrently.



On October 30th, more than 300 representatives from the forums participation, customer representatives and media representatives from LK Group walked into Shanghai Atech High-tech Industrial Park, visited the factory in close quarters and experience the management, the culture of LK Group.


Shanghai Atech was established in 1995, Songjiang District, Shanghai. It is one of our main production plants that develops LK cold chamber die casting machine and magnesium alloy die casting machine.


On that day, LK group showcased our IDRA XPRESS series large two-platen cold chamber die casting unit which focuses on the high-end market.

IDRA XPRESS1400 Two-platen die casting unit

Developed for specific Chinese die-casting market demand, adopting more efficient two-mode technology, die-hardening technology and excellent sheet metal design process, with high-efficiency integration, real-time control, cloud data storage. It is produced for intelligent automated solutions for Industry 4.0.


LK D-series 900T cold chamber die casting machine debut at the scene, demonstrate an automated production process.


In the era of industry 4.0, Shanghai Atech is constantly oriented to market demand, continuously develop technological innovation advanced quality in die-casting equipment. In the way to help enterprises to improve production efficiency, reduce energy expenditure costs and maximize the economic benefits.


Since the establishment of the Lijin Group in 1979, the spirit of excellence and innovation has consisted as always. LK factory in Shenzhen and Zhongshan will also hold open-day events to establish with customers in the industry of the 4.0, to explore the industry's forward trend, and promote the development of China's manufacturing industry together.