LK Technology and Guangdong Hongtu launched the world's first 12000T intelligent die-casting unit

From: 2022-09-19 To: 2022-09-19

Region: China

US NADCA 2022 Die casting congress & Tabletop

From: 2022-09-13 To: 2022-09-15

Region: United States

HongTu Technology signed 8 sets of extra large die casting unit included 6800T and 12000T

From: 2022-01-22 To: 2022-01-22

Region: China

Signing ceremony: LK Group and Seiko Die Casting jointly development

From: 2022-01-13 To: 2022-01-13

Region: China

LK won the silver award of 2021 National Machinery Industry Product Quality Innovation

From: 2022-01-08 To: 2022-01-08

Region: China

Happy New Year's Eve

From: 2022-01-01 To: 2022-01-01

Region: China