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LK Technology and Guangdong Hongtu launched the world's first 12000T intelligent die-casting unit

From: 2022-09-19 To: 2022-09-19


On 19 September 2022, LK Technology Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 558, hereinafter referred to as "LK Technology" or the "Company"; together with its subsidiaries, collectively referred to as the "Group") is pleased to announce that today The "12000T Super Large Intelligent Die Casting Unit Release Ceremony" was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, and the world's first largest tonnage 12000T super intelligent die casting unit was officially released. ) as a result of joint research and development, the trial production of prototypes has been completed, and it is expected to lead the world towards the "integrated die-casting" trend of large-scale automotive structural parts, and promote the high-quality development of national casting.
The "12000T Super Large Intelligent Die Casting Unit Release Ceremony" was jointly held by the LK Group and Guangdong Hongtu at the 20th China International Foundry Expo, the 16th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition and the 16th International Nonferrous and Special Foundry Exhibition On the occasion of the opening ceremony. The release ceremony was attended by a number of guests from local die-casting associations, financial and media representatives to witness the historical moment together. At the meeting, Mr. Zhang Libo, President of China Foundry Association, Mr. Xu Feiyue, President of Guangdong Hongtu Technology Co., Ltd., and Mr. Liu Siong Song, founder of LK Group delivered speeches at the event. The ceremony was led by "large-scale integration" and focused on three major modules, including thematic integration technology exchange, automotive structural product display, and characteristic brand display, to promote the sustainable development of the high-end equipment market.
As early as January 2022, LK Group and Guangdong Hongtu signed a research and development cooperation contract for the world's first largest tonnage 12,000T super smart die-casting unit. The 12,000T super-large smart die-casting unit released this time is the realization of this strategic cooperation and bulk purchase agreement. Trial production of prototypes has also been completed. The die-casting unit is currently the world's first super-intelligent die-casting unit with the largest tonnage. It will focus on the integrated design and manufacture of integrated structural parts such as front and rear cabins and mid-floor batteries for larger models of new energy vehicles. The successful development of the 12000T super intelligent die-casting unit marks the successful overcoming of the technological improvement of the super-large die-casting machine, and opens the door for the development and manufacture of key core lightweight components such as the integrated front cabin assembly and integrated battery tray of new energy vehicles. The new journey will further enhance the global competitiveness of the world's new energy vehicles.

LK Technology has made many breakthroughs in die casting technology, benefiting from the opportunities brought by the booming production and sales of new energy vehicles. According to data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in the first eight months of 2022, 3.86 million new energy vehicles were sold, an increase of 11 times year-on-year, which proves that China's die-casting industry has created a huge space for development. LK Technology will also continue to seize its leading advantage in the die-casting machinery manufacturing industry, devote itself to promoting the intelligence and digitization of new energy vehicles, and continue to contribute wisdom to the sustainable development of the industry.
Mr. Liu Siong Song, founder of LK Technology Group Co., Ltd. said: "LK Technology and Hongtu Technology have always supported and trusted each other. As a leading die-casting enterprise in China, we and Hongtu Technology have been partners for many years. The successful release brings more possibilities for integrated molding structural parts. Since 2019, the Group has successively released the world's first 6,000-ton, 9,000-ton and 12,000-ton super-large intelligent die-casting units. New breakthroughs in the structure have been achieved, and the maximum die-casting area of ​​die-casting products and the size of die-castable products have been continuously raised to new heights, which has driven the continuous improvement of integrated die-casting technology, and is expected to inject new vitality into the development of the entire die-casting industry. Looking forward to the future, LK Technology will take the world premiere of 12000T as a new starting point, increase R&D efforts, explore more opportunities for R&D and cooperation, and hope to create a high-quality and healthy industrial ecology and promote the sustainable development of the die-casting industry.”

Group photo of Mr. Liu Siong Song, founder of LK Group (seventh from left) and several guests with the structural parts of "12000T Super Large Intelligent Die Casting Unit"


Representatives of LK Group and Guangdong Hongtu took a group photo with all the guests


Mr. Liu Siong Song, founder of LK Group, delivered a speech at the "Release Ceremony of 12000T Ultra-Large Intelligent Die Casting Unit"