LK won the silver award of 2021 National Machinery Industry Product Quality Innovation

From: 2022-01-08 To: 2022-01-08


In order to improve quality and cultivate and develop high-quality manufacturing enterprises, China Machinery Industry Federation organized the 2021 "Huazhong CNC" Cup National Machinery Industry Product Quality Innovation Competition, and finally determined 167 product quality innovation projects.

After the competition evaluation committee organized industry experts to conduct preliminary evaluation, professional association review, and final evaluation, the "Green Intelligent Network Super Large DCC 6000-ton Die Casting Equipment" by LK Group Shenzhen Leadwell Technology Co., Ltd. won the silver award.


The 2021 "Huazhong CNC" Cup National Machinery Industry Product Quality Innovation Competition aims to select a group of independent innovative high-quality products and enterprises with advanced technology, good consistency, high reliability and strong product adaptability to meet the constantly escalating market demand.

The award-winning projects need to reflect the enterprise's adherence to innovation-driven and the enterprising spirit of product quality improvement, and to a certain extent represent the achievements and standards of industry quality innovation.

LK Group has been committed to high-quality advanced intelligent equipment manufacturing for more than 40 years, and will continue to adhere to the inheritance of innovative and enterprising spirit, attach importance to product research and development, quality management and multi-dimensional innovation, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing for the industry, achieve high-quality development.