2021 LK Golf Championship presenting with Korean die casting association

From: 2021-09-10 To: 2021-09-11


Recently, LK Group and Korea Die Casting Association (KDIC) jointly held the 2021 golf tournament in Chungju City, South Korea. Nearly 60 members of the Korea Die Casting Association, heads of relevant Korean die-casting companies, and Korean representative from LK Group participated in the event.


Mr. Jim Liu, CEO of LK Group, gave a video speech, congratulating the successful holding of this year's golf tournament.


Mr. Zhuoming Liu said that under the strategic layout of globalization, in addition to the North American and Asia-Pacific markets, LK Group has also established cooperative relationships with well-known European and German car manufacturers and achieved very good results. With the breakthrough development in the field of new energy vehicles, it has brought new opportunities for LK Group and new development opportunities for the global die-casting industry.

In 2021, LK released the DREAMPRESS 9000T intelligent die-casting unit to the world, which fully meets the needs of ultra-large die-casting parts and multi-component integrated die-casting molding in new energy vehicles and other fields. Looking forward to further deepening cooperation with the Korea die-casting industry for mutual benefit and win-win results.


Mr. Han, Jongsun , secretary of the Korea Die Casting Association, and Mr. Hee-chul Chung, a member of the Korea Die Casting Association and Chairman of Dae Young Industrial Co., spoke successively to exchange views on the development of the die casting industry.



In 2021, the Korean automobile industry will accelerate its transformation to a carbon-neutral industrial ecology, promote the establishment of a social and industrial ecology centered on new energy vehicles, and open up a carbon-neutral era through technological innovation.


The LK DREAMPRESS 9000T green intelligent ultra-large die-casting unit was launched in the world for the first time, bringing great development potential and market opportunities to Korean die-casting companies.


Continue to strengthen the cooperation between China and South Korea in the die-casting industry, and build a cooperative ecology of the upstream and downstream industry chain of die-casting, which will create a new trend of green and sustainable development of the die-casting industry in China and South Korea.