LK Group attended the 7th Edition CPRJ Plastics Forum

From: 2021-09-09 To: 2021-09-10


From September 9th to 10th, the 7th CPRJ 3C Electronics/Home Appliance Plastic Technology Forum and Exhibition was held in Shenzhen. Business representatives and experts from industries such as mobile communications, household appliances, AR (augmented reality) equipment, and plastic machinery manufacturing attended the meeting.

LK Group and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), Sinochem International, Midea, Gree, Meiling and other world-renowned brand companies participated in the conference.

Around the period of industry 4.0 revolution, the intelligent production of smart home appliances, wearable devices, and medical products has accelerated, and LK Group shared and demonstrated solutions to the participants.


Keynote Speech | LK Intelligence-Empowering Industry

Xie Yumeng, R&D engineer of LK's intelligent injection molding equipment, said that the major appliances, electronic equipment and communications industries have high requirements for product surface quality, accuracy and cleanliness, and production stability. They have diversified colors, large quantities of small samples, and large deep cavities. , Large molds, small amount of glue and many other complex features.



The LK FORZA series two-platen injection molding machine has the advantages of modularization, scalability, space saving, and long mold opening stroke. It has been widely used in the manufacturing of TV frames, air conditioner panels and skeletons, washing machine inner cylinders and other structural parts.

The system also has the function of switching between physical and foam injection molding. The micro-foam injection molding function has been applied to areas such as high-gloss panels and turntables of washing machines, and bottom shells of dishwashers. Through the comparison and verification of production data, the weight reduction, dimensional stability, and the improvement of the qualification rate have been realized, and the injection molding cycle has been reduced, and the production capacity and efficiency have been improved.



Xie Yumeng also used the ELETTRICA series of all-electric injection molding machines to produce smart wearable devices such as TWS Bluetooth headsets, and the application of LK.NET workshop networking management system in small and medium-sized enterprises, small and diverse enterprises and other typical manufacturing enterprises to realize data collection. -Big data analysis-scheduling planning-process management and control-one-stop management and monitoring of equipment maintenance to meet the management needs of large-scale production for resources and processes, and to provide details for the intelligent manufacturing needs of multi-equipment collaborative management and remote management introduce.




Brand display | LK advanced and mature injection molding technology solutions

LK Group has set up a special consultation and display platform to display the appearance and technical advantages of the FORZA series two-platen injection molding machine and the ELETTRICA series all-electric injection molding machine.



At present, the domestic injection molding industry has entered a stage of intelligent and environmentally friendly transformation and upgrading, and more and more companies favor the use of high-efficiency, high-quality, and high-precision intelligent production equipment.

Relying on decades of innovation in injection molding technology precipitation and R&D strength, Liking Group applies powerful software and algorithms, advanced intelligent production system, complex technology, advanced material molding solutions, and empowers the core force of plastic product manufacturing to reshape .