LK injection molding machine | anti-typhoon and flood prevention maintenance project

From: 2021-07-28 To: 2021-07-28


On July 25, Typhoon "Fireworks" made landfall in the Putuo District of Zhoushan and continued to move northward.


According to the forecast by the Meteorological Department, due to the influence of typhoon "fireworks", Henan will experience significant precipitation on 26-29 July, with large variables. The severe flood control and disaster relief situation in Henan will face multiple tests.


In the face of typhoons and floods, LK Group firmly stood with the disaster-stricken customers. With the wind and rain, we will overcome the difficulties together, fully support customers in disaster relief and reduction, and resume production as soon as possible.

If the injection molding machine is accidentally flooded, do not start it rashly. In case of any difficulties, you can call LK’s 24-hour professional support service hotline at 0755-28123321, with professional guidance and assistance.

You can also refer to the following "Maintenance Project for Flood Prevention and Flood Prevention of LK Injection Molding Machines" to provide emergency rescue as soon as possible to minimize losses.


01 Key Part - Electronic Control

Disconnect the power supply Disconnect all power supplies in time, and do not try to power on the electrical components before they are dried.

Remove the battery In the shortest time after the water has entered, remove the battery from the main computer panel (recommended to operate in time) to prevent the battery from being discharged and corroded by the short circuit caused by the water entering.

Cleaning the components Remove the electrical components in the entire electrical box, and clean the sand with clean water. If there is greasy dirt, it needs to be cleaned with alcohol. Disassemble and clean the electronic control components, including the host, display, LCD, switching power supply, contactor, wire plug, etc.

Drying treatment After cleaning the cleaned accessories with cloth or paper towels, dry them in the first step, and then use the on-site drying hopper to fully dry all the accessories. The drying temperature is controlled at 60~70℃, and the drying time is more than 10 hours. It can also be baked in a small sun, and the baking temperature should not be too high. Above 80°C, it will cause damage to electronic components.

Insulation test After ensuring that all components are blown-dried or air-dried, use a multimeter to test whether the insulation resistance value meets the requirements one by one, and judge whether it is completely dry. The host and panel need to perform a short circuit test on 24V and COM, and eliminate hidden dangers before powering on.

Component installation assemble and install the dried components, and then power on and test the machine after careful inspection. Beware of leakage and pay attention to the safety of starting up.


02 Other parts

After the motor oil pump has entered water, do not turn on the motor oil pump. First, check whether the oil tank and the oil pump are filled with water. After the water enters, clean the oil tank first, replace the hydraulic oil, then wipe the oil tank clean with a clean cloth, and finally add new hydraulic oil.

Other parts All wetted parts need to be wiped dry with a clean cloth to avoid rust.

After the baptism of wind and rain, LK Group and its customers have formed a business community that is in harmony with each other and we share weal and woe. We breathe together and share our destiny.

In realizing the common business goals and development vision, LK Group will do its best to protect the interests of customers to the greatest extent and maximize the value of customers.