LK Group is honored to receive FITMI "New Generation" Achievement Award and "The Asia International Innovative Invention Award"

From: 2020-12-05 To: 2020-12-05


2020 "FITMI Achievement Award" list is released: LK Group CEO Jim Liu, LK cold chamber die casting machine won the award


Recently, the annual "FITMI Achievement Award" award-winning companies and individuals were announced. Mr. Liu Zhuoming, CEO of LK Group, and LK cold chamber die casting machine both won awards.


Mr. Liu Zhuoming, CEO of LK Group, won the "New Generation" Achievement Award

The "New Generation" Achievement Award aims to commend the new generation of elites or team members in the industry for their achievements in carrying forward corporate heritage.

Mr. Zhuoming Liu has served as the CEO of LK Group since 2017, responsible to design the strategic business development globally, and led the continuous transformation to promote Industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing to achieve sustainable development.


At the same time, Mr. Liu Zhuoming actively promotes the internationalization of China's die casting machine manufacturing standards, serving as deputy head of the ISO/TC306 Chinese delegation, ISO/TC306/WG1 convener, ISO/TC306/WG3 China group leader, and TC186/SC2 chairman, taking responsibility for the  international standards for die-casting machines, Chinese national standards and industry standards.


LK cold chamber die casting machine won the "Asian International Innovation Invention Award"

The "Asian International Innovation and Invention Award" aims to commend enterprises, scientific research teams or individuals for their innovative achievements in their patented inventions, carry forward the spirit of creativity and innovation.


The LK cold chamber die casting machine is highly integrated, efficient, and intelligent, with an average energy saving of more than 50% from the complete solution of the production. The LK-NET network monitoring systembased on the industry 4.0 technology, it can use mobile phones or computers to remotely monitor and maintain the production status, achieving the real time control and quality traceability.


Introduction of "FITMI Achievement Award"

The "FITMI Achievement Award" was established in 2011 by the Federation of Hong Kong Innovative Technology and Manufacturing Industries (FITMI). The awards include "Innovative Technology", "Excellent Manufacturing" and "New Generation".


In 2018, the "Asia International Innovation and Invention Award" was established to encourage the efforts and development of various sectors in Hong Kong.