Exploring cloud computing in LK injection molding machines in our customers

From: 2020-06-20 To: 2020-06-20


LK cloud applications in customers’ workshop

Anhui Hongye Plastic Co., Ltd. (Hongye Plastic) is dedicated in R&D, manufacturing and sales of piped made of materials such as PVC, PE, PP, PPR and MPP. They are widely used in municipal waste water/drinking water network, telecommunications network and electricity cable management systems.


Their company has introduced several LK Potenza-II injection molding machines ranging from 130T to 480T, and also peripherals such as robots, laser marking machines and laminating machines. There are more than 10 production lines for pipes, 5 for PE and 5 for PP. The workshop employs a turn-key production cell with auto extraction, making >6000T of PVC pipes and >1000T for PE and PP pipes, with a yearly income of >100 million RMB.

Besides the intelligent manufacturing facilities, the LK cloud application that is in compliance with Industry 4.0 and utilizes Big Data has seen an application in the workshop of Hongye.

The administrators can use the App on their phone or the smart TV that is part of the web to see the production status of the machine and keep track of what is going on at the workshop. They give out real-time information so the administrators can adjust the production schedule accordingly.


LK cloud application

The LK cloud application utilizes the latest technologies from cloud computing, cloud storage and big data analysis and incorporates into our injection molding machines. The cloud interface on the injection molding machine is linked virtually to the cloud, and functions such as placing order online, remote monitoring on production status, maintenance and analysis, for a “smart factory”.

Major functions

Remote monitoring on mobile phone App for real-time checking production status

Real-time checking the parameters and edit history of each machine

Automatic analysis on production statistics and OEE index

E-message on ticket placement

Real-time notice board on equipment status

Call function to notify technicians