The "One Helmet and One Belt" security guard operation has been launched nationwide.

From: 2020-05-20 To: 2020-05-20


On May 15, the nation's electric bicycle management regulations were first passed in Jiangsu Province, clearly stating that "drivers and ride electric bicycles should wear safety helmets in accordance with regulations." Subsequently, similar regulations were issued in Zhejiang, Henan, Guangdong, Fujian and other places. The "One Helmet and One Belt" security guard operation has been launched nationwide.


According to the safety protection level and material injection molding characteristics of the helmet shell, the POTENZA-Ⅱ series injection molding machine of the LK Group has been used in the helmet production field for many years. The helmet shell has a compact structure density, taking into account strength and toughness. Through environmental simulation tests, it can effectively withstand and disperse external impacts, greatly reducing the risk of head injury.


Zhejiang Naite Technology Co., Ltd. and LK have cooperated sincerely for many years. LK POTENZA series injection molding machines are running smoothly in Naite Technology. Zhejiang Naite Technology mainly produces safety and protective products such as helmets, helmets, and protective masks. The field of personal protective equipment has become a world-renowned brand and is the main drafting unit of China's national standard "Hard Hat" and "Rescue Helmet". The products have obtained many international certifications such as German TUV, American UL, Swiss SGS, British INSPEC / BSI, and Australian SAI. The products are exported to the United States, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Colombia, Turkey, Australia, South Africa, etc. as well as the world's top 500 Honeywell, Kimberly-Clark cooperative supplier.


CCTV Chinese International Channel (CCTV4) conducted an interview with Zhejiang Net Technology Co., Ltd.