Expansion of Kunshan manufacturing plant commencement

From: 2019-10-26 To: 2019-10-26


The first CNC manufacturing plant of LK Group was established in Kunshan, China in 2006. The plant manufactures and sells tapping centers, vertical and horizontal machining centers, and our double column machining center for different industries. They total 12 series and more 60 than 60 models, and they form a backbone support of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in Kunshan.


The expansion of the second phase was commenced recently, and the commencement ceremony was attended by different key company personnel, including company founder, CEO, assistant to the Chairman, different general managers of the other production plants and the sales director of the Southern China area.


CNC machining centers are the backbone of industry as they form the core component of basic equipment. They are supported by the Made in China 2025 strategic plan.

The expansion of the second phase scheme accounts for $29 million, and 3 factory buildings will be built, totaling 30,000 square meters. The scheme will be supplementary to the first phase development, and that will be beneficial to production volume expansion and connection to the Industry 4.0 about high speed and high-end equipment manufacturing.


The scheme will follow strictly to the national environmental protection laws. Sustainability and lowered energy consumption will be placed in a priority. Some of the practices include green building materials, photovoltaic solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling systems. The green factory would create jobs for the local market and economic, environmental and social benefits.