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26th Taipei Int'l Machine Tool Show(2017)

From: 2017-03-07 To: 2017-03-12



The 26th Taipei International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS) exhibition was held on 7th – 12th March at Nangang Exhibition Hall booth number K0516. During the show, LK exhibited 3 models of CNC, LNH-500 - horizontal processing machine, EU-1000 - gantry machine and the fourth, five-axis CNC turntable drilling tapping machine TC-510.

In the field of vehicle parts, there are drilling and tapping center TC-710, horizontal processing machine HT-500 and MV-1050 vertical processing machine can cope with, especially the fourth, five-axis CNC turntable drill Hole tapping machine TC-510, which has a high capability to machining tooth mold, artificial joints, small parts from aircraft and other complex shape parts.

Another model, LNH-500 - horizontal processing machine, which has a high-speed feed rate of up to 60 meters per minute, almost the industry's fastest, it suitable for the use of processing cylinder block in car engine.

In addition, the newly developed EU-1000 gantry machine which got the characteristics from European machine brand. Specialize in machining die-casting molds for rough finishing in a rate of up to 10 meters, that is about two times faster than the commercial model. Regardless of rough or accurate finishing, through the setting of the pre-pressure adjustment, it can be work as the way you want.