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Robust, temperature resistant and lightweight powertrain components

Powertrain components have strict requirements of durability against heat, oil, and dirt, strength against vibrations and impact, lightweight to reduce energy consumption, as compact as possible, sound proofing to reduce compartment noise.

Car Body

Automated production line technology, the perfect solution for the latest polymer and additive technology.

LK is a the solution provider for advanced new auto body plastic components, requiring lightweight, stylish, perfect surface finishes. High degree of automation and configurable equipment ensure customer serial production in high quality.

Car Structure

Lightweight structure makes the vehicles more energy efficient

The automotive industry requires vehicles to be much lighter than ever before. LK offers the total solution for producing lightweight alloy structural parts with good strength and high elongation ratios.


Cost-effective surface finish

LK is one of the stable platforms to produce the interior parts with excellent tactile and cosmetic appearance. This platform can handle the latest innovation of interior part design and post-process development, with high repeatability and accuracy of injection.


Clarity & visibility with advanced lighting technology

Automotive lighting systems require high-quality injection molding solutions with multi-component capability and feasibility. LK is a solution provider to work with customer starting with a concept. We supply innovative solutions in automation and production technology to meet the challenge of modern lighting design.

Steering Wheels

Precision engineered quality for comfort, control, and safety

Steering wheel materials include steel and various polymers.  Many high-end stering components are fabricated from aluminum and magnesium and include integrated air bag / control buttons for safety and ease of use. Magnesium steering wheels can be produced on LK magnesium die-casting machines, and then finished in leather or plastic. Our formulated magnesium alloy has a high elongation which will protect the driver against damage.

IMPRESS & D-Series (Cold Chamber)

Cold chamber die casting machine including integration of extensive experience and latest technology, for producing non-ferrous alloy such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, magnesium alloy etc.

IMPRESS is our best-selling model for cold chamber die casting machine globally. It is improved from the extensive experience and will continue to serve the industry for many years.

AVIS & CLASSIC (Hot Chamber)

Our advanced hot chamber die casting machines consist of technologies for producing Zinc, Lead alloy product

LK hot chamber die casting machine represents advanced and professional die casting. We have applied latest technologies to fulfill high requirement production. The concept of environmental responsibility is promoted to follow the major trend among the world. We help to convert unrestrained ideas into success.

VISION (Hot Chamber)

Our fast and efficient solution for small parts with high production volumes

VISION is the smallest series among all LK die casting machines providing fast and efficient production cycle. It is commonly used for producing small parts like zipper, button, snap hook, etc., which satisfies high volume production projects.

FORZA (Two-platen)

A versatile and efficient injection molding machine for large parts

The compact Forza two-platen injection molding machine will let you enjoy the freedom of small footprint, multi-functional process capability, tons of application-orientated add-on modules which sophisticated processors are seeking.