LK Group & Chery Automobile successfully held the global debut of the world's first dual-injection process exceeding ten thousand tons along with the technology signing ceremony!

From: 2023-12-23 To: 2023-12-23

Region: China

Once again leading an industry breakthrough! On December 23rd, LK Group and Chery Automobile jointly held the 'Global Debut of the World's First Dual Injection Molding Process Exceeding Ten Thousand Tons and Technology Signing Ceremony' in Wuhu, Anhui. This event officially unveiled the technical principles and advancements of the dual-injection process and equipment.


The dual-injection technology released this time refers to a set of injection systems composed of a 'single locking mechanism + two parallel injection systems,' creatively solving a series of problems caused by limitations in maximum filling distance. As the tonnage of die-casting continues to increase, the limitations of a single injection system become more pronounced. Especially with the market demand for integrated casting of entire vehicle chassis and advanced concepts like skateboard chassis, it presents greater challenges to the injection process. Against this backdrop, LK Group and Chery Automobile jointly developed this over-ten-thousand-ton dual-injection system, successfully addressing a series of resulting issues and providing unlimited potential for larger integrated casting in the future.

Mr. Mao Weidong, Deputy General Manager of Chery New Energy Research and Development Center, expressed that within the die-casting industry, there's a saying, 'one major flaw destroys all.' However, after over two years of joint research and development, Chery Automobile and LK Group have successfully overcome this challenge using the dual-injection technology. The release of this dual-injection technology will mark a significant breakthrough within the die-casting industry and is certain to yield abundant results in the future.


During the event, Mr. Liu Zhuoming, Chairman of Shenzhen LK Technology, mentioned that the innovation of dual-injection technology holds significant importance for LK and the entire die-casting industry. He also expressed gratitude to Chery Automobile for their recognition and trust, asserting LK's full commitment to ensure the successful development of the over-ten-thousand-ton dual-injection die-casting equipment in this collaboration.

In 2019, the world's first integrated die-cast rear floor produced using a 6000-ton die-casting machine developed by LK Group demonstrated the feasibility of automotive large-scale body parts integration. Since then, LK has consistently pursued larger, stronger, more precise, and smarter die-casting equipment. They have innovated, continuously explored, and led the industry to expand die-casting machine tonnages to over ten thousand. Throughout this process, they discovered that the increasing tonnage of die-casting machines leads to a significant reduction in product far-end performance, a critical issue. Hence, in 2022, LK attempted the dual-injection technology experiment on small-tonnage models and achieved phased results, successfully producing a small-tonnage prototype using the dual-injection technology. After months of continuous adjustments, in June 2023, they successfully produced the world's first 3:1 scaled integral lower body part on this small-tonnage die-casting machine, laying a solid foundation for subsequent research and development of the over-ten-thousand-ton dual-injection system. After another six months, they successfully overcame the over-ten-thousand-ton dual-injection technology.

Following the release event, leaders from LK Group visited Chery Automobile's zero-carbon intelligent factory, gaining an in-depth understanding of Chery's new energy vehicle intelligent production line and test driving Chery's latest release, ICAR 03.

As a leading enterprise in the die-casting industry, LK Group continues to contribute to the industry's development and upgrade. The successful development of the dual-injection technology is an inevitable outcome of LK's continuous investment in research and innovation. Adhering to the business philosophy of 'dedicated to the success of customers,' LK has been committed to promoting technological innovation and development, providing customers with higher-quality products and better services. In future development, LK Group will continue to adhere to the strategy of innovation-driven development, further propelling the sustainable development of the die-casting industry and contributing to the industry's transformation and upgrade."