Promote the development of injection molding industry technology | Compiled "The molding defects Atlas of injection products"

From: 2020-10-26 To: 2020-10-26

Region: China

Conditions for injection molding of qualified plastic products

Injection molding technology is a processing technology with a wide range of knowledge, professionalism and practicality. The successful injection of plastic products is accomplished through a series of systems engineering.

The production of a qualified product requires the coordination of the five basic conditions of plastic raw materials, injection molding machines, process parameters, plastic molds, and peripheral, as well as the normalized operating procedures of the injection molding machine, correct adjustment of process parameters, and correct selection of mold structure and heating/cooling machines and other peripheral equipment are fully equipped. If any condition fails to meet the preset target, it will cause defects in unqualified plastic products to a unexpected production.


Compiled "The molding defects Atlas of injection products"

As the undertaking unit of the Secretariat of the Injection Molding Professional Committee of the Guangdong Plastics Industry Association, in 2011, LK Group organized a number of industry veterans, R&D experts in injection molding machines, and engineers to participate in the "The molding defects Atlas of injection products", collected thousands of injection product defect maps. It also concluded troubleshooting steps and solutions in materials, processes, equipment, molds, etc. for various product defects, and analyzed multi-level injection molding, micro products and ultra-thin products. It is made for training and learning of technical workers and technicians in injection molding enterprises, and related industries.

In order to adapt to the new development situation of the injection molding industry, the needs of market. In 2020, LK Group organized multiple original authors to revise the "The molding defects Atlas of injection products" and add new materials and new products. And actual cases, aiming to enable injection molding technicians and related management personnels to master the method of scientifically and reasonably setting injection molding process conditions, and improve the ability of analyzing and dealing with problems.


Gift books to universities and injection molding companies

At present, the "The molding defects Atlas of injection products" (2nd edition) has been published, and it has also been included in the textbook catalogues of many universities such as Guangdong Light Industry Vocational and Technical College as a professional reference textbook for teaching.


Quote from some editors

①Surface defects of thermoplastic injection products play a very important role in the quality defects of the whole product. In many cases, even experts in the industry will encounter certain difficulties in understanding the root causes of defects in injection molded products and taking corresponding measures.

In the field of R&D and manufacturing of injection molding machines, LK Group has accumulated experiences and technical solutions for dealing with and avoiding various defects in injection molding products, and compiled them into a book. People in many industries can gradually understand the common defects of plastic products by doing, learning, and mastering, and continuously verify and improve their professional skills in actual work.

②In the past 10 years, many new materials and new processes have emerged in the injection molding industry. The most basic idea to continuously improve the production process of injection molded products is to make adjustments based on the reasons for defects in the products, solve the problems, manufacture qualified products, increase the yield rate, and enhance the market competitiveness of enterprise products.


LK Group has developed and manufactured injection molding machines for 30 years. The cases and experiences that have been summarized and shared after many years of practice.


Editor-in-chief and co-editing other professional books on injection molding technology

In addition to compiling the "The molding defects Atlas of injection products", LK Group also edited and participated in the compilation of multiple books such as "Injection Molding Operators" and "Plastic Product Operators". It is an injection molding machine operator who graduated from ordinary universities or technical schools. Plastic product processing professionals, new employees of the company, etc., provide analysis guidance on actual technical problems and product design guidelines to help them improve their technical capabilities and professional standards.

Since the development of the first injection molding machine by LK Group in 1989, the manufacturing technology of LK injection molding machine has been continuously innovated and improved, and it has developed into one of the top five injection molding machine manufacturers in China.

LK Group has also set up a technical training center to improve employees' technical skills, publish professional technical books, monographs, etc., cultivate and transport a large number of professionals for the enterprise and society, and promote the continuous development and progress of the industry.