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Innovating die-casting technology | LK Group unveiled at China Die Casting Exhibition 2021

From: 2021-07-07 To: 2021-07-09

Region: Shanghai

On July 7, 2021 Shanghai Die Casting Exhibition & Nonferrous Metals Exhibition was officially held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. Under the new economic development, many innovative technologies and new products have emerged in the die casting and non-ferrous casting industries, leading the industry into a new era of the industry, transformation and upgrading.


Intelligent and efficient, precision die-casting

Booth number/E7A33. LK Group & Idra Group jointly participated in the exhibition and exhibited the Idra XPRESS420 intelligent die-casting unit, providing industrial manufacturing enterprises with digital, automated, and intelligent die-casting production solutions to meet the needs of new development opportunities during the industrial 4.0 transformation.

Idra XPRESS420 intelligent die-casting unit adopts Italian cutting-edge die-casting technology, which can deliver an integrated unit of machine + peripheral automation equipment according to customer production needs, reducing labor costs and improving production efficiency and product passing rate.

Under the emerging production mode of Industry 4.0, the Idra XPRESS420 intelligent die-casting unit has constructed an efficient, intelligent and energy-saving production mode, which maximizes the competitiveness and brand influence of manufacturing enterprises.

DREAMPRESS 9000T Super Large Intelligent Die Casting Unit

Achievement / 2021 Die Casting Industry Innovation Technology. In the theme forum of ​​the E5D33, the list of "2021 Die Casting Industry Innovative Technologies and Products" was officially released.

LK DREAMPRESS 9000T green intelligent network connection super large die-casting unit won the title of "2021 Die-casting Industry Innovative Technology".

Qian Yong, the project manager of LK, gave a keynote speech on "DREAMPRESS 9000 Green Intelligent Networking Super Large Die Casting Unit".

At present, industrial demand represented by new energy vehicles and 5G communications has driven the rapid development of innovative technologies in the die casting and non-ferrous casting fields.

The LK DREAMPRESS 9000T intelligent die-casting unit is based on the concept of an Industry 4.0 smart factory that realizes digitization, networking, and green energy saving. It is technically and structurally different from the traditional three-plate and two-plate die-casting units. Under the premise of ensuring safety, stability, and durability, through reasonable design and the application of high-tech materials, the overall layout is optimized to reduce the weight of the die-casting unit, reduce the floor space, and reduce the consumption of various resources in the production process. Industrial manufacturing enterprises bring solutions with reasonable investment costs and excellent economic benefits.


Based on the accumulation of intellectual property rights and practical applications in the manufacture of super-large die-casting equipment, LK’s DREAMPRESS 9000T intelligent die-casting unit has once again raised the maximum casting area of ​​the injection unit and the size of die-casting products to a new height. Expand the design scope of die-casting products, meet the multi-component integrated molding process requirements of automobile manufacturing, super large and heavy equipment, reduce the number of production lines and assembly procedures, save manpower, space, and equipment costs, reduce the production cycle, and simplify the complex. Improving production efficiency provides a new path for the production and manufacturing modes of automobile manufacturing and other industries.


The 2021 Shanghai Die Casting Exhibition & Nonferrous Metals Exhibition will end on July 9, welcome to continue to visit the LK & Idra, booth number E7A33.