Mr. Liu Zhuoming, CEO of LK Group, won the title of Deputy Senior Engineer and the "Outstanding Casting Elite Award of Guangdong Casting Industry in 2020"

From: 2021-05-08 To: 2021-05-08

Region: China

Recently, the 2021 Annual Conference of Guangdong Foundry Industry Association was held in Foshan, Guangdong.

Nearly 600 people from the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department, China Foundry Association, Guangdong Foundry Industry Association, Guangdong Provincial Social Organization Association and other institutions, representatives of members, representatives of foundry enterprises, and media professionals attended the meeting.

In order to commend the advanced, carry forward the "spirit of foundry craftsman", concentrate on promoting the development and construction of Guangdong foundry industry, and better continue to inherit the casting spirit. The Guangdong Foundry Industry Association selected and commended a group of professional in the province, presenting awards of the "2020 Guangdong Provincial Advanced Individual Casting Industry Award" (Excellent Casting Achievement Award, Excellent Casting Elite Award), and the "2020 Senior Title Certificate Awarding Ceremony" was held.

Mr. Liu Zhuoming, CEO of LK Group, won the title of Deputy Senior Engineer of Mechanical Engineering and the "Outstanding Casting Elite Award of Guangdong Casting Industry in 2020".


The "2020 Guangdong Excellent Casting Elite Award in the Foundry Industry of Guangdong Province" is mainly awarded to youths member who have actively devoted themselves to the foundry industry, made contributions to the development of the industry and the development of the enterprise. Based on the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, it is obtained after research by the annual industry selection review team and publicity within the scope of all member units.


Keep your dream alive

Mr. Jim Liu joined LK Group in 2008 and serving as CEO of LK Group in 2017. He formulated the industry 4.0 global development strategy of LK Group and led the company to continue to move towards a service-oriented manufacturing enterprise group.

Mr. Jim Liu also served as the leader of the international standard working group of ISO/TC306/WG1 "Terminology of Die Casting Unit", and the leader of the Chinese group of the international standard working group of ISO/TC306/WG3 "Safety Requirements for Die Casting Machines". Promote the integration of China's die-casting machine manufacturing standards with the world's advanced standards.

Since 2015, Mr. Jim Liu has successively undertaken the application and R&D project of enterprise management system, ERP production management and engineering data management system PLM, the customized R&D project of enterprise MES, and the development and application of LK-NET cloud die-casting management system.

At the same time, he presided over and participated in the "R&D of key technologies for large-scale intelligent high-vacuum die-casting unit", "New model of intelligent manufacturing of key die-casting parts and molds for lightweight automobiles", and the use of ultra-large die-casting units for integrated molding of automotive structural parts, and actively promoted The intelligent, information and digital development and application of equipment manufacturing in the die-casting industry.

From 2019 to 2020, Mr. Zhuoming Liu won the honors of "Excellent Manager of Foreign-funded Enterprise" and “2020 FITMI "New Generation" Achievement Award".