LK Forza 6000-ton machine received Ringier Technology Innovation Award

From: 2021-03-09 To: 2021-03-09

Region: China

2021 Plastic Industry-Ringier Technology Innovation Award

Recently, LK FORZA series 6000-ton two-platen plastic injection molding machine was selected the award of the "2021 Plastic Industry-Ringier Technology Innovation Award"


Zhou Changqiao, general manager of Ningbo LK Machinery Co., Ltd., attended the award ceremony and introduced the award-winning LK 6000-ton large two-platen injection molding machine.


LK FORZA series 6000-ton large two-platen injection molding machine

The machine with a clamping force of 60,000kN, which is widely used in the production of plastic products such as ultra-large cages, crate and inspection wells in the environmental industry


Innovative technology application

It adopts the domestic first double-track pumping device, a unique patented pumping cylinder wedge-shaped clamping mechanism, the clamping column is supported by linear guides, and it incorporates anti-tilt compensation bearing platform technology, super large direct-drive electric melting technology concepts and advanced technologies such as glue servo system.


Smart Cloud Injection

In order to meet the transformation of industry 4.0, the FORZA series 6000-ton large two-platen injection molding machine can also be equipped with cloud system to realize the intelligent production and interconnection management of the workshop and improve the production management.


Create business opportunities for customers

Through technological innovation, improve the efficiency of capital products, and improve the production process, the FORZA series 6000-ton large two-platen injection molding machine has broad application prospects in the production of large-scale products in the plastics industry, creating new market opportunities for customers.


About Ringier Technology Innovation Award

Since it was held in 2006, it has awarded outstanding innovation pioneers in the industry, commended innovative products and technologies with outstanding contributions in the industry. The aim to encourage enterprises to invest in technological innovation, improved productivity and economic benefits for sustainable development.