LK Major events in 2020

From: 2020-12-31 To: 2020-12-31

Region: China

2020 is a remarkable year full of challenges and opportunities.

“Endeavor for customers’ success” has always been a core value of LK, even in the time of COVID-19. At the same time, LK has dedicated itself in transforming the manufacturing equipment to the next level.

LK Group founder, CEO have received different awards

LK Group founder Mr. Liu was awarded the lifetime achievement award of the casting industry of China.

LK Group CEO Jim Liu was awarded the advocate of casting machine industry standard and the excellent leadership of foreign investment enterprises.

Help customers to restart production while fighting COVID-19

In Feb and Mar, during the most prevalent spread of COVID-19 in China, LK Group has teamed up as a whole and fought the virus with customers together. During that time, LK invested heavily into digitalization and virtual office in order to minimize the COVID-19 on production and to make sure different businesses are running as usual.

Different measures were taken in place, such as virtual meetings and machine inspection using Zoom, to ensure smooth operation even when face-to-face interaction is difficult.

Intelligent equipment put in use for 5G telecommunications industry

The latest TC-1000 high speed tapping center is a perfect solution for die casting customers who are looking for machining equipment. It is well suited in 5G telecommunications industry where customers are looking for thin and highly precise parts.

LK die casting machines are included in the 5th award-winning product list hosted by a society in China

The industry department of the government and the a society in China announced the enterprises who are enrolled in the list. The founding of such award is to rise the manufacturing standard of the Chinese manufacturing industry.


Delivery of several large scale equipment

A 6000T injection molding machine was delivered to a customer in July for making large and deep cavity products

A 3000T and a 1600T cold chamber die casting unit were delivered to FAW Group in August in order to produce automotive structural parts.

A 4000T cold chamber die casting unit was delivered in November to produce automotive accessories

A 6000T cold chamber die casting unit was delivered to the Vietnam factory of a South Korean company, in December. The unit would be used to produce 5G telecommunications parts for Samsung. Before that LK already delivered a 4000T die casting unit to the same customer.

Receive awards on the standardization setup of the manufacturing industry

Several awards were given to different factories and subsidiaries within the LK Group for different achievements, such as garbage bin manufacturing machine standard, die casting machine energy consumption measuring method, safety and terminology of die casting machine and that of injection molding machines.



We farewell 2020 and welcome 2021. With the Chinese market and international market operating at the same time, LK Group will continue the innovation and bring our customers to success.