LK is here to help customers to achieve smooth transition into 2021

From: 2020-12-19 To: 2020-12-19

Region: China

As 2020 is coming to an end, our customers have received substantial increase in orders, and because of continuous operation of the die casting machines, proper maintenance have become even more important than before.

LK customer service department has committed a 7/24 service, to ensure their LK die casting machines are running smoothly. Customers’ inquiries are met on a timely manner.


Hubei Huibang Electromagnetic manufacturing

Hubei Huibang Electromagnetic manufacturing was founded in 2010, the company is dedicated in producing electromagnetic products, with die casting, die design and machining functions as well. They have bought more than 20 sets of LK die casting machines, ranging from 88T to 1250T. The machines are widely used in producing electromagnetic modules, automotive parts, military parts and so on.

The service engineer has attended the production floor several times even during holidays and night time and has provided professional service with maintenance suggestions based on his deep knowledge and understanding of the equipment. His service is widely accepted by the production, technical and facilities department from the customers.

Guangdong Jianglang metal works

Guangdong Jianglang metal works was founded in 2003, and its main business is to carry out R&D, manufacturing and sales of public works projects, commercial/residential buildings projects and municipal projects. The company bought LK die casting machines in order to cater to the needs from locking, sanitary and household products.

At their production floor, our service engineers inspected thoroughly the electric and hydraulic circuit and gave a lesson on LK die casting machines to the production staff and technicians. The lesson has deepened the knowledge and understanding on LK die casting machines.

Shenzhen Yiyuxing plastic and metal works

Shenzhen Yiyuxing plastic and metal works is dedicated into producing plastic and metal works. They have bought several 160T-400T die casting machines from LK in order to meet the production needs.

Our service engineer has provided a positive feedback to the customer on a proactive basis. He is always available regardless of inclement weather. Besides providing problem solving solutions, he will also provide training to the staff on site.

As mentioned by Yiyuxing, “Your service engineer is exemplary of the core values LK possesses, and he has deepened our confidence in LK. We look forward to having more collaboration in the future.”

Friendly reminder from LK customer service department

As 2020 is coming to an end, most of China has entered winter and dropping temperatures. To carry out proper maintenance on die casting machines have become even more important.

Because of that, LK customer service department has committed a 7/24 service, to ensure their LK die casting machines are running smoothly.