LK Group won the Lightweight Innovation Leading Enterprise Award from IALTA

From: 2020-11-25 To: 2020-11-27

Region: China

In response to tighter energy supply and more stringent emission controls, lightweighting has become a core concept in the sustainable development of the automotive industry.
The cars in the world are all moving toward more efficient, smarter, lighter and more carpool-friendly.
A joint conference was held together by the International Green Auto Lightweight Technology Alliance (IALTA), Sino-EU New Energy Intelligent Automobile Industry Association and Auto Plastics and Innovative Materials Committee.

LK Group representatives attended the show and delivered a speech
Shenzhen Leadwell Technology General Manager, CNC Sales Director, LK Group Technical Support and Key Account Director and Ningbo LK Technology General Manager attended the conference.

During the conference, LK Group Technical Support and Key Account Director delivered a speech about "How the automotive industry is utilizing single-piece casting for the structural parts".
He said that LK Group has dedicated in the automotive lightweighting application and the solutions for such application for years. The single-piece casting technology has the benefit of enhanced structural rigidity, reducing the time and capital cost related to extra assembly, therefore increases the production efficiency.

LK Group - Shenzhen Leadwell Technology to be awarded "Lightweighting Pioneer Enterprise"
The 6th IALTA (China) award ceremony was held during the conference period.
Shenzhen Leadwell Technology was awarded "Lightweighting Pioneer Enterprise", for its dedication in the advocacy of lightweighting practices and applications, and the supply of die casting solutions for such application.

IALTA (International Green Auto Lightweight Technology Alliance) has its headquarters in Shanghai, and is a joint alliance between different automotive industry giants worldwide.
IALTA has held 6 conferences and has set up different awards in order to advocate the lightweighting practices and applications and new energy vehicles in China.
In November 2020, LK Group CEO Jim Liu was elected a member of the executive committee for the 5th IALTA board.