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LK signed multiple sets of equipment during the exhibition

From: 2020-11-24 To: 2020-11-27

Region: Shenzhen

On November 27th, the 4-day 2020 DMP Greater Bay Area Industrial Expo officially has come to an end. 


LK exhibition machine has attracted the attention of industry associations, die-casting companies, and plastic product manufacturers. Multiple sets of intelligent die-casting units, high-efficiency servo energy-saving injection molding production units, and CNC numerical control processing centers are signed on-site. LK Group signed contracts with 14 companies from the auto parts, 5G, lighting, electrical, construction, and hardware industries. A total of 16 sets of LK IMPRESS-PLUS series intelligent die-casting units have been sold, one set of LK TC-710 high-speed drilling and milling machining center has been signed, and several sets of servo energy-saving injection molding production units have been sold. 


Songyuxing signed a contract with LK 3500T intelligent die-casting unit Dongguan Songyuxing Die-casting Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the manufacturing of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die-casting, mobile phone mid-plates, die-casting molds, etc. The ordered 3500T intelligent die-casting unit will be used to produce new energy vehicle-related structural parts and 5G communication base station components, radiator and other products.

Qingkou Technology signed a contract with LK 800T, 1250T intelligent die-casting unit 

Fujian Qingkou Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise of Fujian Jingwei Group. It mainly produces aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting parts, covering computer and communication products, consumer electronics, automobiles, home furnishings and other fields, including automobile steering wheels, retainers, oil pump housings, wiper arms, wind turbine blades, street lights, gardening power tools, etc.

Mr. Zhang Libo, President of China Foundry Association, Mr. Cai Zifang, President of Hong Kong Foundry Federation, Mr. Li Yuanfa, Permanent Honorary President, and representatives of member companies of Hong Kong Foundry Federation, visited the booth of LK Die Casting Machine and CNC Machining Center.

The intelligent die-casting unit, high-efficiency servo energy-saving injection molding production unit, and CNC machining center exhibited by Lijin Group solve the pain points of enterprise intelligent production, environmental protection, reduction of energy consumption, and recycling of production resources. Many companies will continue to equip them from Lijin. Benefit from improved innovative technologies.