Successful graduation of students from die-casting training course

From: 2020-08-06 To: 2020-08-06

Region: China

A newly founded joint venture between WLY in Zhejiang and Jinfei Holding Group, has brought multiple die casting machines, ranging from 800T to 3000T, for manufacturing automotive and motorcycle parts. It is sending 44 students to LK to learn more on the die casting technology.


The 44 students are sent to Chongqing LK Machinery for an intense 12-day training course. The students are expected to help the production volume increase process during the higher and higher demand of automotive and motorcycle parts. When the training ends, the students are required to take an exam to make sure they are well qualified for their job.


Chongqing LK Machinery has made an agenda on what would be taught on the die casting training, including structure of die casting machines, hydraulic and mechanical principles, robot motion, workshop environment and actual operation of the die casting machines. Combining theory and actual operation together can make students fully learn and understand how LK machines work in conjunction with the peripherals and how to maintain them.

The training course was highly regarded by the customer.


The satisfaction of our customers is our continuous pursuit and as a result, LK has set up a presales, sales and post sales service. They cover areas such as factory planning, budgeting, foundation of machines, how to select machines and peripherals, installation, spare parts supply, routine visit, and quick response to questions after the deal is complete.


To further enhance the qualifications or operators and technicians, LK also provides training to customer by sending LK personnel to customers’ sites. What they will do is to guide through the production process. Customers can also send their employees to LK to learn more about the machines and how to carry out proper maintenance.


Throughout the complete and wide range of services, LK has provided a thorough support and to maximize the benefits of the customers and bringing them success.