LK Group global distribution

From: 2020-06-10 To: 2020-06-10

Region: China

LK Group was founded in Hong Kong in 1979. Under the lead of founder Mr. Siong Song Liu, the company has grown into a famous die casting machine manufacturer, China's top 5 plastic injection molding machine manufacturer and one of the most innovative CNC machining center manufacturers in the world.

The Group has 9 manufacturing plants in various locations, including China, Taiwan and Italy. Also there are more than 60 sales offices and service centers in more than 20 countries. LK Brand has received numerous awards in Hong Kong and China.





LK Group Production plants overview


----Shenzhen Leadwell Technology Co. LTD----


Shenzhen Leadwellis located in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. It covers an area of 115,000 square meters and has more than 1,000 employees. It is the largest R&D and manufacturing base of die-casting machines in LK Group, and undertakes all the research and development of die-casting machines in the group.




----Ningbo L.K. Technology Co., LTD----


Ningbo L.K. Technology Co., Ltd. is a die-casting machine production base of LK Group in Ningbo. The base was established in 2002 and is located in Beilun District of Ningbo City. It covers an area of 66,666 square meters and mainly develops, produces, and sells die-casting machines and peripherals.



----Shanghai Atech Machinery Co. LTD----


Shanghai Atech Machinery Co. LTD was founded in 1995 and is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai. It is a die-casting machine production base set up by the group in Shanghai with a total investment of 9.8 million US dollars. It mainly produces and sells cold-chamber die-casting machines, peripheral intelligent automation equipment and CNC machining centers.



-----Italy Idra srl----


Idra is located in Travallito, Italy. It was founded in 1946 and has more than 70 years of manufacturing history of die casting machines. In 2008, it became a member of LK Group, mainly developing, manufacturing and selling die casting units of the "IDRA" brand.



----Chongqing L.K. Technology Co., LTD----


It is located in Phoenix Lake Industrial Park, Yongchuan District, Chongqing City, covering an area of 17,000 square meters, mainly responsible for the sales and after-sales service of LK Die Casting Machine and CNC Numerical Control Processing Center in the southwest region, as well as the research and development, manufacturing and sales of die casting machine and its peripheral equipment and training.



----Zhongshan L.K. Machinery Co., LTD----


was established in 1994, mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of precision energy-saving injection molding machines. In 2016, Zhongshan LK's new plant was officially put into use. The new plant has a total investment of about 250 million yuan, covers an area of 133 acres, has a total construction area of 65,000 square meters, and has a designed production capacity of 800 to 1 billion. It has won the honor of "National High-tech Enterprise" for many years. 



----Ningbo L.K. Technology Co., LTD----


Ningbo LK Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and is located in Beilun District of Ningbo City. It mainly develops and manufactures precision energy-saving injection molding machines and related intelligent equipment, automatic control systems and software development, and provides complete after-sales service.



----L.K. Precision Machinery (KUN SHAN) Co., LTD----


L.K. Precision Machinery (KUN SHAN) Co., LTD is located in Qiandeng Town, Kunshan City. Founded in 2001, it is the R&D, manufacturing and sales base of the CNC machining center in the Mainland. It has launched vertical, horizontal and drilling milling. More than ten products, while providing perfect after-sales service.



----L.K. Machinery Corp. (Taiwan)-----


In 2006, LK Group officially expanded its CNC machining center business in Taiwan, and established a research and development center and a production base. In January 2012, the new plant in Taichung Science Park was officially put into use. Today, a complete CNC machining center R&D, production and quality management system has been established to ensure continuous product innovation and quality improvement, providing reliable products and services to customers at home and abroad.



----FuxXin Li Da Steel Co., Ltd----


FuxXin Li Da Steel Co., Ltd is located in the founding park of Fuxin Town, Mongolian Autonomous County, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province. It was established in 2007 with a total investment of 500 million yuan and a construction investment of 300 million yuan. The total planned area is nearly 150,000 square meters. Mainly engaged in steel casting, mold manufacturing and other businesses.



----Fuxin LK North Machinery Co., Ltd----


Founded in 2004, Fuxin LK North Machinery Co., Ltd is located in Mongolian Autonomous County, Fuxin City, Liaoning Province. The park covers an area of 88,000 square meters and mainly processes castings. It can meet the rough and fine processing of large castings under 70 tons.




Convergence of Power Creating the Future


On Nov 28, LK's 40th anniversary event came to Zhongshan, as well as sharing on the plastic industry in China. The event slogan is “Convergence of Power Creating the Future”. The industry experts, trade group professionals, foreign customers and media personnel attended the event. The total attendance was more than 500 people.


LK has more 30 years of experience on injection molding machine manufacturing since the first injection molding machine from LK was developed. Currently LK is one of China’s top 5 injection molding machine manufacturer, covering machine series such as two-platen, micro size, MuCell, fully electric, direct press and 2K/3K applications.


LK is committed to innovation and will continue to bring the best solutions to customers and achieve success.