The 10th anniversary celebration of (TC186 / SC2) and the third session of the committee

From: 2019-12-21 To: 2019-12-21

Region: Shenzhen

On December 21st, the 10th anniversary celebration of the National Metal Hot Forming Technical Committee (TC186 / SC2) and the third session of the committee's new session were held in Shenzhen. There are leaders from the die-casting industry, relevant scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions and standardization experts, company leaders, media reporters, attended the event.


Tan Xiangning, director of the Standards Department of the China Machinery Industry Federation, Liu Ao, director of the Standards Division of the Technology Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Shi Shizhen, director of the Standards Division of the Shenzhen Market Supervision Administration, and Lu Jun, secretary general of the National Foundry Machinery Standardization Technical Committee. , Mr. Xu Niansheng, Secretary General of TC186 / SC2, Mr. Liu Xiangshang, founder of LK Group, and Mr. Jim Liu, CEO of LK Group attended the conference meeting.

The meeting read out the summary of the work of the second session of the committee, financial accounts and the composition of the third session of the committee, work plans, articles of association, working rules, and appointed Mr. Jim Liu, the CEO of LK Group, as the chairman of the third session of TC186 / SC2.


Secretary General Lu Jun and Mr. Jim Liu jointly signed the Letter of Responsibility.

Jim Liu said: "In the future, based on the first and second work results, we will focus on promoting the establishment and development of energy-saving standards and green environmental protection standards; promote the energy consumption standards, energy efficiency levels and assessment method standards of key high-energy-consuming products. The establishment and development of key projects; promote key high-consumption products such as die-casting machines, furnaces for die-casting, and thermoregulator machines for die-casting to enter the standard of national energy efficiency label; continue to promote the implementation of national, industry, and group standards; actively lead the team to participate The establishment and development of ISO / TC306 international standard. "

Mr. Xu Niansheng, Secretary General of TC186 / SC2 and Director of Technology Development Center of LK Group, made the second session of work summary and ten-year implementation summary. He said that in the past 10 years, China's die-casting industry and enterprises have grown rapidly, creating a large number of leading enterprises and well-known brands in various fields. 

Mr. Liu Xiangshang, the founder of LK Group, thanked the company on behalf of the company and thanked the secretariats, members and participating companies of the previous bidding committees for their contributions to the growth of TC186 / SC2. He said that in the past ten years, TC186 / SC2 has achieved excellent performance in organizational construction, standard project approval and review,  and has provided high-quality standard support for the development of the die-casting industry. In the future, LK Group will continue to support TC186 / SC2.

The TC186 / SC2 committee presented certificates and plaques for outstanding contributions to standardization work, advanced collectives, and advanced individuals. LK Group has won the “Excellent Contribution Award for Standardization Work”, “Standardization Work Organization Award”, “Standardization Innovation Demonstration Unit”, “Standardization Work Emerging Award” and “Best Media Award in Standardization Field”.

As the TC186 / SC2 secretariat contractor, in the past ten years, to promote the smooth progress of the work of the bidding committee, LK Group has formed a professional team to carry out various aspects of work, and has led and participated in the formulation and promotion of the foundry industry standards for many times.


Internationally, Mr. Jim Liu, CEO of the Group, also serves as the deputy head of the Chinese delegation of the International Organization for Standardization Technology Committee (ISO / TC306) and participates in the formulation of international standards for die casting.