LK won the Hong Kong Awards for Industry:"Equipment and Machinery Design Award"

From: 2019-12-07 To: 2019-12-07

Region: China Hong Kong

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The annual Hong Kong Awards for Industry is a major event for Hong Kong's business community. Recently, the 2019 Hong Kong Awards for Industries was held and the list of winners was announced. The DCC5000 large-scale intelligent die-casting unit developed by LK Group won the "Equipment and Machinery Design Award".

Ms. Lucia Liu, assistant to the chairman of the board of Lijin Group, represented the company at the award ceremony and received the award.

(From left to right) Represent of Mr. Dennis Ng Wang Pun, President of the Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong, Ms. Lucia Liu, Assistant to the Chairman of the Board of LK Group, and Mr. Bernard Chan Pak-li, Deputy Director of the Hong Kong Business and Economic Development Bureau.


The review committee of the conference pointed out that DCC5000 is the die-casting machine for commercial production with the largest clamping force among similar products in the world. The finished product can meet the requirements of lightweight, waterproof, sturdy and high thermal conductivity, among which the traditional manufacturing method of battery shell It is welded by multiple workpieces, which requires a lot of labor and defects caused by manual workmanship. Therefore, using this machine can greatly reduce labor costs, shorten production time and increase production efficiency.

Lucia Liu said that LK Group will further promote the development and application of intelligent, automated, networked, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, and exert its own technological advantages in new energy vehicles and lightweight, communications and other industries to help manufacturing companies. Reduce production costs, improve economic efficiency, and take up the challenges together.

(From left to right: Mr. Zhang Yingwen of LK Group, Mr. Dennis Ng Wang Pun, President of the Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong, Ms. YAN Mei Mei, Salina, Director of the Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department, Ms. Chong Siw Yin , Chairman of the Board of LK Group, and Ms. Lucia Liu, Assistant to the Board of Directors Mr. Bernard Chan Pak-li, Deputy Director of the Hong Kong Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Mr. Liu Xiangshang, the founder of LK Group, and Mr. Dai Lin, General Manager of Anhui Magma Technology Co., Ltd.)


Since 2017, LK Group has started to design and develop a 5,000-ton intelligent die-casting unit, which will be delivered to Anhui Magome Technology Co., Ltd., a domestic auto parts research and development manufacturer in 2018.

The company's general manager Dai Lin spoke highly of DCC5000. He said that the DCC5000 die-casting unit is used in the company's new energy vehicle battery case production, which reflects the advantages of intelligence, high efficiency, stability, environmental protection and energy saving. The company's new products can be smoothly produced, and it can continue to develop new-generation electric vehicle batteries to provide more efficient energy supply for new energy vehicles. It cited the innovative functions of DCC5000 including energy-saving servo system and intelligent control system, which can save cooling water and power consumption by more than 50%, and can control the production process in real time and provide remote monitoring.


Dai Lin also said that in making new energy battery boxes, he invested a lot of time and energy, did extensive market research, and finally chose LK die-casting machines from many international and domestic brands. LK die-casting machine has huge advantages in intelligence, product stability, environmental protection and energy saving, and also provides a full range of technical support and services, and provides a huge platform for the further development and expansion of new energy products.


With the rapid development of electric vehicles and the trend of lightweight vehicles, the demand for large aluminum-magnesium alloy structural components has increased. LK's 5,000-ton intelligent die-casting unit not only meets the development trend of the automotive market, but also can be applied in the fields of trucks, drones, buses, trains, and aviation industries. It will establish a competitive advantage under the new development trend of global industries.