L.K. Further Expanding Market in SE Asia - An Interview with CEO

From: 2019-11-13 To: 2019-11-13

Region: Shenzhen

(The article was forwarded from "Die casting Weekly" media)


Since the participation in last year in Bangkok, Thailand, LK will exhibit again this year at booth A03 in METAL AP (Asia-Pacific Metal Industry Exhibition) on 12-14, December. Under the consideration of expanding the market in Southeast Asia, LK announced its participation in the exhibition. LK has dedicated itself to the Southeast Asia market for many years and has successfully gained a significant market share.


Die casting industry in China has entered a period of adjustment in recent years. As the automotive industry continues to grow, the manufacturing industry in the region has shifted from making low-end products such as household and daily necessities to higher-end products such as automotive and in the 3C industry. At the same time, that change phased out old equipment to make room for the more advanced ones. Companies with keen-eyesight have recognized such a new opportunity and have taken actions to gain market share preemptively.


With a month left before the commencement of METAL AP 2019 (Dec. 12), Die-casting Weekly as one of the cooperative media of the organizer FICMES, has interviewed Mr. Jim Liu, CEO of L.K. Group, to share L.K.'s marketing condition, brand history in Southeast Asia, key products being promoted, and his opinions and evaluation on this market and METAL AP.



Diverse Product Range to Meet Global Needs

L.K. is a benchmarking brand for other die casting machine producers seeking for globalization, would you please share some global marketing experience with us?

Mr. Liu: L.K. Group has developed and produced more than one hundred models of cold/hot chamber die casting machines ranging from 18T to 6000T, and several series of cold chamber die casting machines under the brand of IDRA (an Italy subsidiary company wholly-owned by L.K. Group). Products can meet not only common needs on cost-efficiency but also high-end demands on high-performance. Currently, L.K. sales offices have been established in Europe, North America, South America, Russia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and other countries/areas in order to develop vigorously high-end markets including Europe, North America, Japan and other developed countries and explore mid-end markets where developing countries are concentrated such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America, etc.


L.K. – Mainstream DCM Brand in Southeast Asia

When did L.K. introduce its die casting products to the Southeast Asian market?

Mr. Liu: L.K. Group was initially established in 1979 in Hong Kong, China, adjoining Southeast Asia. Close interaction and frequent exchange of business, personnel and products between Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia all along have been one of the unique advantages for L.K. In the early 1990s, the first L.K. die casting machine was sold to Southeast Asia. Starting from that, L.K. has since gained more than 50% market share and is recognized as a mainstream die casting machine brand.

IMPRESS-PLUS Intelligent Die Casting Cell for “Industry 4.0”
What kind of products are mainly promoted in local market and why? Who are your main customers?

Mr. Liu: The IMPRESS-PLUS intelligent energy-saving cold chamber die-casting unit is our main product for the local market, aiming to offer a one-stop full-automatic solution to customers. It will assist downstream industries to make breakthrough progress and get closer to industry 4.0.


Intelligent Automatic Die Casting Cell for Local Industrial Upgrades and Equipment Upgrades
This is the second time L.K. participates in METAL AP. Could you please talk about your feelings and expectations? What products will be displayed onsite?

Mr. Liu: By taking part in METAL AP, the first professional exhibition focusing on die casting, foundry, furnace & heat treatment and metallurgy in Southeast Asia, we expect local customers' further understanding of our technology, quality and capability, enhancement of brand popularity and influence in this area, and market expansion especially in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

This year, we will exhibit IMPRESS-PLUS series intelligent, energy-saving die casting machine. The cold chamber die-casting unit integrated advanced technologies from the intelligent control system, energy-saving control system and network management system etc.. It would help to improve the existing machine from the local factories to enter a new generation. In the era of industry 4.0, IMPRESS-PLUSS series reached international standardization by offering automation technology solutions to various customers throughout the world.

Future "World Factory" Brings New Chances to Die Casting Companies
What do you think about the potential and future of Southeast Asia? Will L.K. invest more in this market?

Mr. Liu: Southeast Asia is expected to be the next "World Factory" with a new round of global industry shifts. Also, equipment updating and upgrading have created huge demands on die casting machines. As the 8th biggest global automobile sales market, Southeast Asia has generated important  opportunities for the development of L.K. Group.

L.K. has unique advantages in developing the Southeast Asian market and has accumulated rich experiences in exploring the local market for many years. With its headquarters located in Hong Kong, China, L.K. shows similar social culture with ASEAN countries as well as the geographical advantage of close-range interaction and their international team. All of these factors and platform of METAL AP, it could help L.K.'s further expanding in this market.