LK CEO represents BRICS to visit die casting enterprises in Brazil

From: 2019-09-19 To: 2019-09-19

Region: Brazil

Brazil is a primary die casting product supplier. It ranks 10th in the world for total die casting product volume, with 1170 die casting companies and 57,000 die casting personnel. The production volume in Brazil has been steadily increasing and it plays an important role in the die casting industry among BRICS countries.


Several summit representatives from the BRICS, including Jim Liu, CEO of LK Group, recently visited the well-known die casting/casting enterprise DELUMA, and also the Brazilian factory of Sinto Group, the largest manufacturer of foundry equipment in the world.


DELUMA was founded in 1985 with a focus on die casting, low pressure die casting and gravity casting. Founder and general manager Devanir Briches was one of the advocates of the BRICS Foundry Association. LK CEO Jim Liu was invited to the discussion in DELUMA.

There are LK die casting machines at the DELUMA workshop. They provide a high performance and reliable solution to the customer.

Besides DELUMA, the representatives also visited Brazilian factory of Sinto Group.

The BRICS Foundry Association was founded by the foundry association of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. It acts as a platform for members to communicate and collaborate on the hot topics such as green die casting, higher energy efficiency with lower emissions, raised production quality and efficiency.

During this summit, the representatives paid a visit to die casting companies, enhancing the understanding among BRICS die casting companies and also the die casting industry in general.