The third meeting of the 8th President of Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association held in LK

From: 2018-10-19 To: 2018-10-19

Region: China

On October 19th, the work meeting of the third session of the 8th Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association was held in LK Group. President Huang Shaoping, Executive Chairman Mr. Zhang Yaohua, Vice President of the Association, Ms. Pan Lingling, General Manager of LK Group Shenzhen Lingwei Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhongnan Machinery, Pingjin, Jin Commitment, Riqia, Baohong, Qunda, Yinbaoshan Nearly 30 vice presidents and supervisors of Xinyi, Xingfuxiang, Wenji, Jimei, Qizhi, Hongda Lock, and Shenji Dongguan attended the meeting.


Under the leadership of General Manager Pan Lingling, the delegates went deep into the production workshop and exhibition hall of LK Group Shenzhen Base, and learned about the manufacturing process and casting products of LKDie Casting Machine, and watched the product promotion video.


At the symposium, General Manager Pan Lingling introduced the development history and future strategic planning of LK Group to the guests, intensified research and development and innovation, and adhered to the business philosophy of “Dedicated to Customer Success”. In the future, while expanding production capacity To give full play to the Group's technology and R&D advantages, and to transform and upgrade to a service-oriented manufacturing industry, contributing to the development of the equipment manufacturing industry.


Executive Director Mr. Zhang Yaohua said that in the current market environment, it is not easy to operate the industry. Seeing the development of LK Group is so successful, it is a good illustration of the principle that “there is no backward industry, only backward production mode”. In the discussion and exchanges with the government leaders of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Economic and Information Commission, and the Soil and Resources Commission, we learned that the "International High-end Equipment Joint Headquarters" that the Association has been proposing has made new progress. Integrate industry demand, condense industry power, and seek to expand the industrial space to the government with quality projects. The government will support it. At present, there are opportunities such as the Greater Bay Area of ​​Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao and the Special Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen, and the development of the manufacturing industry is like a spring breeze.


In order to spur the industry, show glory, precipitate strength, and look to the future, the Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association and a number of institutions jointly launched the mechanical industry series of selection activities for the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. At this meeting, everyone listened to the corresponding program introduction.


Mr. Huang Yuping, the vice president, reported on “seeking the soul of machinery, continuing the power of inheritance – the program of outstanding entrepreneurs in the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up”.


Mr. Yu Wende, the vice president, reported that “the mountain started from the flat, the greatness came from the ordinary – the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, the mechanical industry enterprise elites, good craftsman selection activities program”.


Vice President Deng Safety reported on the “Tree Brand Image, Casting a Great National Instrument – ​​The 40th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening up of the Machinery Industry Brand Product Selection Program”.


The meeting also issued a charitable donation certificate for units including the LK Group who actively participated in the “1 to 1” student-study activities.


The meeting ended in the vows of "Shenzhen Machinery, Manufacturing the Future; LK Group, Re-casting the Glory", highlighting the determination of Shenzhen machinery enterprises to have an attitude and help China to manufacture.