Nantong delegation visits LK

From: 2018-06-25 To: 2018-06-25

Region: China

On June 25th, Mr. Lu Zhipeng, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Nantong City, Standing Committee of Municipal People’s Congress, Huang Yidong, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Shen Lei, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary-General of the People’s Government Lu Weidong, Mayor of Hai’an Municipal People’s Government Yu Lizhong and Deputy Mayor Zhang Yuanchun, etc. After visiting the Lijin Group in Shenzhen for an investigation tour, Mr. Liu Xiangshang, the founder of the LK Group, expressed his warm welcome to the distinguished guests. Group Executive President Liu Zhuoming, Shenzhen Regional General Manager Pan Lingling, and South China Marketing Director Deng Yiming attended the meeting.



    Mr. Liu Xiangshang, the founder of the group, gave a detailed introduction to the development history, R&D achievements and strategic planning of the Lijin Group. The Group and BYD, Jianghuai Automobile, U.S. General Motors, Fast Group and other famous enterprises supply many large-scale intelligent die-casting units. Committed to the development of automotive lightweight and new energy vehicles, to assist the transformation and upgrading of customer companies. At the same time, we will strengthen lean management and brand building to achieve "internal and external cultivation."



    Mr. Lu Zhipeng, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Nantong City and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress highly praised the development results of the LK Group and introduced the current industrial environment and general policies of Nantong City. In 2017, the value of the equipment manufacturing industry in Nantong City was 778.74 billion yuan. The year-on-year increase was 10.1%, accounting for 51.8% of the city's total industrial output value above designated size, which was 0.8% higher than 2016. In recent years, the Nantong Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have also proposed to take the three major industries of new energy vehicles, smart equipment, and new material industries as key strategic emerging industries, and give strong support in industrial planning, policies, and supporting facilities. We hope to join hands with Lijin Group to create a smart equipment industry and build a strategic partnership.



    Subsequently, a group of leaders visited the park, production and assembly workshops, observed the largest domestic 4500T die casting machine assembly, and watched the customer's smart production video in the Group's showroom. On-site lean management, strong group processing equipment and excellent production atmosphere received high praise from leaders.





    As a leader in the smart equipment manufacturing industry, LK has been developing for the past 40 years and has been dedicated to research and development. It is following the pace of the times and is actively transforming and upgrading. It is committed to the success of its customers and grows together with its customers.